Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Beauty Item of The Week

Sonia Kashuk® Barely There Bronzer - Golden 47

To get a natural-looking glow for the summer Sonia's Kashuk's Barely There Bronzer in Golden 47 is a must-have for only $8.99 at Target®. I use this a lot for beauty shoots to imitate the healthy look of the sun. I also use it as a corrector to warm up the complexion and as a blush for very dark skin tones. This bronzer works on all skin tones except porcelain because bronzer can make porcelain skin look dirty. 

Photography: Marcus Smith (; Makeup: India Cherese, Model: Kim Matthews-Elite Chicago


  • This loose powder bronzer goes on with a light touch to brighten the skin’s appearance and provide a super-sheer layer of color
  • Bronzer features a natural golden tan tone and is ideal for people with oilier skin
  • Comes in a compact with a powder-pad applicator
  • 0.14 oz.
  • Not tested on animals

What are the ideal places to apply face bronzer? You don’t want a lot of shine in the center of the face where you’re usually more porous and apt to have fine lines because it will increase texture. Instead, put bronzer on the area that is most consistent with color and texture—on the outer perimeter of the face along the hairline and forehead, the crest of the cheekbones—places that have natural movement so that shine comes in a very unexpected way.

When applying bronzer, what type of brush do you suggest? A full powder brush is going to help the product to go on more evenly and appear more blended—there won’t be any streaking or harsh lines. If you use a smaller brush you’re going to be using smaller strokes and it’s not going to cover as much of the face.

Are there any exceptions to the “one shade darker” rule? If you’re a woman of color or you're a Caucasian who's tan during the summer months, you can choose a color two shades darker for more of a glow. You can also get away with bronzers that are redder and more golden. Reddish-gold bronzers aren’t good for faking a tan though—for that you want to use a self-tanner. Apply them on the face and body to add a softer glow to the skin and get a bit of color, then layer the bronzer on top. The bronzer is just there to complement that color—it’s not there to make you an entirely different shade.

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